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                                                                     SUNAN KUDUS

          HOLY SUNAN Jafar Sodiq, or better known as the Festival, was the son of Raden Haji Usman, who holds the title in Jipang Panolan Ngudung Sunan (some say the city is located just north of Blora). In this connection, in history, we recognize also a trustee who tekenal in Iran, who lived in the VIII century, whose name was also Shi'i Imam Ja'far Sodiq a sixth.
During his life preaching the religion of Islam Festival Holy especially around the area and the northern coast of Central Java in general. He counted one of his scholars, professors of religion who has been teaching and broadcasting of Islam in the Holy and the surrounding area. known for his expertise in the science of religion. especially in the Science of Tawheed, the proposal, the Hadith, Mantiq Literature and the more so in the jurisprudence of ScienceTherefore he was called as a Waliyyul 'Ilmi. according to history, he also includes one of the poets who took the initiative to write short stories that contains the spirit of philosophy and religion. among the pieces of the famous creations, is Gending Maskumambang and Mijil. The famous Imam Ja'far Sodiq in Iran is not just as a priest of the Shiites, but also as a leading in matters of law and other sciences.Thus, it is our opinion Jafar Sodiq famous in Iran as a saint, a priest of the most revered Shiite groups as well as respected, it would not Ja'far Sodiq a trustee who was a member of the trustee in the ninth Java, whose tomb was found in the Holy city, as for Ja'far Sodiq the latter, known as the Festival. Besides acting as a teacher of Islamic religion. as well as a strong one Sharia, Holy Senan became senopati of the Islamic empire in Demak.Among other things belonging to his legacy is in-the Holy Mosque, which later became known as the tower of the Holy Mosque. Therefore, in the courtyard there is a beautiful ancient tower. Regarding the origin of the Holy name by fairy tales (legend) that plague life-threatening diseases, diseases which then became calm, thanks to the holy sunan., Therefore, an emir there willing to give the prizes to him. however, he refused, only keepsake he asked for a stone. The stone he came from the city of Baitul Makdis, or Jerusalem, then as a warning to the city where Jafar Sodiq life and living, then given the name of the Holy. Even the tower is located in front of the mosque itself also became known as the tower Kudus.Adapun on behalf of the Holy Ghost or Al is in the book Encyclopedia of Islam, among others, stated: "Al kuds the usual Arabic name for Jerusalem in later times, the olders writers call it commonly stanza al makdis (According to some: mukaddas), with really Meant the temple (of Solomon), a translation of the hebrew bethamikdath, but it Because applied to the whole town. " Regarding the struggle Festival in spreading the religion of Islam is no different from other saints, which is always worn path of wisdom, with the strategy and tactics so that people can be invited to embrace Islam

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