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                                                                      SUNAN DRAJAD

Sunan Drajat minor named Raden Raden Qosim Syarifuddin or famous son of Sunan Ampel smart. Having mastered the lessons of Islam, he took a place in the village of the District Paciran Drajat Lamongan as the center of his message around the XV and XVI centuries AD. He is in control keprajaan in the region as an autonomous fief Drajat Demak kingdom for 36 years.He is the Guardian ^ ^ famous Islamic propagator of social-minded, very concerned about the fate of the needy. He first try a new social welfare provides an understanding of Islamic teachings. Motivation is more emphasis on hard work ethic, generosity to reduce poverty and create wealth.Philosophy in the poverty Sunan Drajat terabadikan now in the sap of the stairs to the seventh level of the Tomb of Sunan Drajat complex. Complete philosophical meaning to sap seven steps are as follows:
'' Memangun prescription teyasing Sasomo'' (we always make other people happy)
'' Jroning Suko kudu eling Ian waspodo'' (in the carefree atmosphere we should be aware and alert)
'' Laksitaning Subroto tan nyipto marang Pringgodigdo bayaning lampah'' (on the way to achieve goals - lofty ideals we are not concerned with any kind of obstacle)'' Meper Hardaning Pancadriya'' (we should always suppress the surge of desire)
'' Heneng - Silence - Henung'' (the rest we will get in a state of stillness and quiet that we will achieve the goal - noble).'' Mulyo guno Panca Time'' (an inner and outer happiness can only be achieved by (daily prayers)
'' Menehono sign marang wuto wong kang, manganese Menehono marang luwe wong kang, Menehono Busono marang wudo wong kang, Menehono ngiyup marang wongkang kodanan'' (Give the science so that people become smarter, Sejahterakanlah poor people's lives, Teach morality in people who do not a shame, and give the protection of people who suffer) In Sunan Drajat historically also known as a creator Wali song Mocopat the pickaxe. The rest - the rest of the gamelan Singomengkoknya Sunan Drajat now stored at the Regional Museum.To honor the service - service as a Wali Sunan Drajat propagator of Islam in the region Lamongan and to preserve cultural and historic objects Sunan Drajat legacy, her family and friends who contributed to the Islamic religious broadcasting, the Government established Lamongan Sunan Drajat Regional Museum on the east side tomb. This museum was inaugurated by the Governor of East Java on March 1, 1992.Regent efforts Lamongan R. Faried Mohamad, SH to save and preserve the historical heritage of this nation have the full support of Governor of East Java with the allocation of budget funds in 1992 I is the restoration of the Dome and construction gate Paduraksa worth Rp. And a budget of Rp 98 million. 100 million 202 thousand for the rebuilding of the mosque of Sunan Drajat which was inaugurated by the [[List of Communication and Information Minister of the Republic of Indonesia | Minister of Information, RI on June 27, 1993. In 1993 and 1994 reform and development of the Tomb of Sunan Drajat site followed by a carved wooden fence construction, renovation paseban, bale Dome rante and I Sitinggil to budget funds for RP in East Java. 131 million which was inaugurated Governor of East Java M. Basofi Sudirman dated January 14, 1994.


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