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Sunan Kalijaga or Kalijogo Sunan, is the leader of the Guardians in Java. Sunan Kalijogo is legendary in the Java community.In the approach to God Almighty, Sunan Kalijogo using dhikr as ingredients. A wide range of reading dhikr he taught his students, as well as how berdzikirnya, starting ORAL dhikr, remembrance of breath, heart dzkiri, Dzkir Ruh, deeds etc. dhikr.He taught it to someone Dhikr according to the level of devotion or maqom person, so it was natural that in many societies that claim to come from the teachings of Sunan Kalijaga, although they differ both reading and do dhikr.Estimated was born in 1450 with the name of Raden Said. He was the son of a duke named Tuban or Prince Charming Wilwatikta Sahur. Other names include Lokajaya Sunan Kalijaga, Sheikh Malaya, Prince of Tuban, and Abdurrahman Raden. In one story, Sunan Kalijaga mentioned daughter is married to David Saroh Maulana Ishak, and has three sons: R. Umar Said (Sunan Muria), and Dewi Dewi Rukayah Sofiah.lebih than 100 years. Thus he had a final rule Majapahit (ending 1478), the Sultanate of Demak, Cirebon and Banten Sultanate, even standing in the Kingdom Display and early 1546 under the leadership of the kingdom of Mataram Panembahan Senopati. He was also involved designing and construction of the Great Mosque Great Mosque of Demak Cirebon. Pole "chips" (wood fragments), which is one of the main pillars of the mosque is the creation of Sunan Kalijaga.In preaching, he had the same pattern with a mentor (teacher) as well as his close friend, Sunan Bonang. Understand the religious tend to be "based Sufi salaf"-not the pantheistic Sufi (worship only). He also chose the arts and culture as a means to preach.He was very tolerant of the local culture. He believes that people will stay away if attacked his stance. Then they must be approached in stages: following her influence.Sunan Kalijaga believes that Islam has been understood, by their old habits disappear.Not surprisingly, Sunan Kalijaga impressed syncretic teachings in introducing Islam. He uses sculpture, puppets, gamelan, as well as the mysticism of sound art as a means of propaganda.Some songs suluk Sunan Kalijogo popular creation is lrelirer and bare-naked hoe He initiated the suit piety, celebration sekatenan, Garebeg Maulud and the Layang carangan play and Petruk Dadi Ratu Kalimasada ("Petruk So the King"). Landscape of the city center of the palace, the plaza with two banyan and mosques are believed to be drafted by the Sunan Kalijaga.Sunan Kalijaga Kadilangu buried in the village, near the district capital (NCO). The tomb is until now still busy diziarahi people.Fatahillahadalah was a young man who sent the Sultan Trenggana Pasai membantuSunan Gunungjatiberperang against the Portuguese colonizers.Evidence that Fatahillah not is the tomb of Sunan Gunungjati near Sultan Gunungjati that says Tubagus Pasai Fathullah or Fatahillah or Faletehan according to the Portuguese tongue. Sharif Hidayatullah and his mother arrived in the country Syarifah Muda'im Caruban bans in West Java in 1475 after stopping first in Gujarat and Pasai to add to the experience. The two men were welcomed by Prince Cakrabuana and his family.Kahf Datuk sheikh is dead, teachers and Syarifah Muda'im Cakrabuana Prince was buried in Pasambangan. With reasons to keep it close to the tomb of his teacher, Syarifah Muda'im asked to be allowed to stay in Pasambangan or Gunungjati.Syarifah Muda'im and his son is continuing Sheikh Sharif Hidayatullah Datuk Pesantren Gunungjati Cave open. So then from Sharif Hidayatullah better known as Sunan Gunungjati.Determined it was time, his son marry the Prince Cakrabuana Nyi Pakungwati with Sharif Hidayatullah. Secondarily in the year 1479, because he was already up Prince Cakrabuana hand over power to the Sharif Hidayatullah State Caruban with His Majesty's degree means someone who upheld. Mentioned, the first year of his reign Sharif Hidayatullah been to Pajajaran to visit his grandfather the King Siliwangi. The King invited back to Islam but did not want to. King Siliwangi should not convert to Islam, he does not block broadcast grandson of Islam in the region Pajajaran. Sharif Hidayatullah then proceeded to the attack. Attack of the population had converted to Islam because there are a number of Arab and Gujarat traders who often drop into place.Sharif Hidayatullah arrival was welcomed by the duke of Banten. Sharif Hidayatullah even an arranged marriage with the Duke's daughter named Nyi Kawungten Banten.From this marriage then Sharif Hidayatullah in karuniai sonsNyi the Queen and Prince Sebakingking Winaon. In spreading the religion of Islam in Java, Sunan Gunungjati Sharif Hidayatullah or not working alone, he often participated in consultation with other members of the trustee at the mosque Demak. Even mentioned, he also helped berdrinya Demak Mosque. Interaction with the Sultan of Demak and the other Mayor has finally established the Sultanate Pakungwati Sharif Hidayatullah and his self-proclaimed King of the first with the title of Sultan.With the establishment of the Sultanate of Cirebon no longer send a tribute to Pajajaran Galuh usually channeled through the Duchy. This action is regarded as insubordination by King Pajajaran. Pajajaran king no matter who stands behind it then sent Cirebon Sultanate of soldiers led by Ki choice constable. Their job is to catch Sharif Hidayatullah considered presumptuous lift himself king Pajajaran counter. But this attempt did not succeed, Ki constable and his men did not even go back to Pajajaran, they converted to Islam and became a follower of Sharif Hidayayullah.By joining soldiers and officers the option to Cirebon increasingly Pakungwati great is the influence of the Sultanate. Other areas such as: Surantaka, Japura, Wana Giri, Lake and others claim to be the Cirebon Sultanate. The more so with the expansion of the Port Estuary Jati, more and more great is the influence of Cirebon Sultanate. Many wholesalers from foreign countries come to make friends. Them from our country. One of the royal family to marry Cirebon dignitary from China who visited the Ma Huan Cirebon. Cirebon and then the fabric of the country between China more closely.Gunungjati Sunan even been invited to China and married the daughter of a Chinese emperor named Princess Tien Ong. Chinese emperor at the time of the Ming dynasty is also a Muslim. With the marriage of the Emperor wanted to establish close relations between China and the country Cirebon, this turns out to benefit the nation of China for use in world trade.After mating with Gunungjati Sunan, Tien Ong daughter in exchange for his name to the Queen Nyi Rara Semanding. Tien Ong's father Emperor's daughter was equipping her son with no small amount of property, most of the relics of Tien Ong's daughter who was brought from China that still exist and are stored in a safe place. Palace and Mosque Cirebon then embellished and expanded again with the motives of wall hangings from China. The Great Mosque was built in 1480 Ciptarasa on the initiative of Queen Pakungwati or wife Nyi Gunungjati Sunan. Of mosque construction involves many parties, including Wali Songo and a number of experts sent by Raden Patah. In the construction of the Sunan Kalijaga honored to establish Soko chips as a symbol of community unity.Finished building the mosque, called for by building highways linking Cirebon the Duchy of other areas to expand the development of Islam in the entire Land of Pasundan. King Siliwangi can only hold back the development of the region's expanding Cirebon. Even the Pajajaran itself is getting squeezed.In 1511 Malacca was occupied by the Portuguese. Next they want to extend power to the island of Java. Port of Sunda Kelapa are so sought after they drove nails for colonization. Demak Bintoro knew of the dangers that threaten the islands of the archipelago. Therefore Raden Broken send Duke or Prince Sabrang Unus Lor to attack the Portuguese in Malacca. But the effort was fruitless, the Portuguese arms too full, and they were already established a strong fortress in Malacca.When the Duke of Unus back to Java, a fighter from Pasai (Malacca) called Fatahillah go sailing to the island of Java. Pasai is not safe anymore for preachers like Fatahillah therefore he wanted to spread Islam in Java.Broken Raden died in 1518, berkedudukannya replaced by the Duke or Prince Sabrang Lor Unus, he had just been crowned pemberontakanpemberontakan came from the countryside, in the effort quell the rebellion Sabrang Lor Prince died, died as a warrior martyr. In 1521 Sultan Demak on hold by Raden Raden Broken Trenggana the third son.In the reign of Sultan Trenggana Fatahillah is appointed as Commander of the war that will be assigned to drive out the Portuguese in the Sunda Kelapa.Fatahillah ever experienced against the Portuguese in Malacca now have to take up arms again. Of Demak initially led troops to Cirebon. The joint forces were then to Demak Cirebon Sunda Kelapa Portuguese had looted the aid Pajajaran.Why Pajajaran help the Portuguese? Because Pajajaran envy and resentment toward the development of an increasingly wide area Cirebon, when the Portuguese promising Pajajaran willing to help seize territory controlled by the King Pajajaran Cirebon agree. 


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