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                                                                  SAUNAN AMPEL

In southern Russia there is an area called Bukhara. Bukhara is located in Samarqand.Since the first area called Bukhara. Bukhara is located in Samarqand. Since ancient Samarqand region known as the regional Islam are bringing forth great scholars like the famous hadith scholar Imam Bukhari is the hadith narrators Mashur as valid.In Samarqand there is a great cleric named Sheikh Kubra jamalluddin Jamadi, a Ahlussunnah bermahzab Shafi'i, he had a son named Ibrahim. Because it comes from Samarqand then later get additional Samarqandi Ibrahim. Javanese people is very difficult to say Samarqandi then they only mentioned as Sheikh Ibrahim Asmarakandi.Shaykh Ibrahim was ordered by his father Asmarakandi that Jamadi Jamalluddin Sheikh Kubra for Da'wah to the countries of Asia. This command is executed, and he was then taken by the king Cempa-law, an arranged marriage with a princess named Dewi Candrawulan Cempa. Cempa country, according to some historians is located in Thailand. Goddess of marriage to Ibrahim Asmarakandi Candrawulan then had two sons namely Prince Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah Rahmat or and raden Murtolo Santri or Sayyid Alim.While the younger brother named Dewi Dewi Candrawulan Dwarawati diperistri by the King of Majapahit UB. Thus Raden Rahmat Majapahit Queen's nephew and son of a nobleman or a prince belonging to the kingdom. King of Majapahit very pleased to have the wife of his country Cempa which is no less interesting with Sari Dewi.So the other wives divorced, much given to the adipatinya scattered throughout the archipelago.One example is a wife named David Kian, a Chinese princess given to the Duke Ario Damar in Palembang.When David Kian in the divorce and awarded to Ario Damar when it was three months pregnant. Ario Damar Chinese women are not allowed intercourse until the baby is born into the world.Baby from the womb of the Goddess Kian was later named Prince Hassan, or better known as the Broken Raden, Sunan Ampel of a student who became king in Demak Bintoro.Majapahit kingdom was left after mahapatih Gajah Mada and Hayam Wuruk King declined drastically. Kingdom divided since a civil war, and the duke was much more loyal to the King of King Hayam Wuruk Kertabhumi UB. Taxes and not many royal tribute to the palace of Majapahit.More often enjoyed by the duke himself. This makes the grieving King. Even more so with the bad habits of the nobility and the princes who love partying and gambling and drinking. UB King was well aware when the state passed such a habit will become weak and if the state has lost the power of how easy it is for the enemy to destroy the Majapahit Kingdom.Dwarawati queen, the wife of King UB knows her husband's heart concerns. With courage she argues with her husband."Your Majesty, it seems the Majapahit ponggawa and people are not afraid anymore to Sang Hyang Widhi. They are not shy and not ashamed to act improperly, orgies, having fun-loving, drinking and gambling has become their habit and even the princes and the nobility had begun bandwagon. It's dangerous if it is allowed to drag on. State can be damaged by it. ""Yes, that's what worried me all along," said King UB."Then what action Majesty?""I'm still confused," said the King. "It adds to monks and Brahmin kuusahakan to educate and warn them, but their behavior remains the same, even the teachers of Hinduism and Buddhism it is considered trivial.""I have a nephew who is an expert to tackle the downturn instructive in character," said the queen Dwarawati."Is it true?" Said the King."Yes, his name is Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah, son of David Candrawulan kanda in the State Cempa. When I would ask is pleased kanda Raman-da King in Cempa to bring this to Majapahit Rahmatullah Ali. ""Of course I would be happy if the King Rama Cempa Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah willing to send this to Majapahit." Said Raja UB.So one day diberangkatkanlah envoy to the country of Majapahit Cempa to ask Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah come to Majapahit.The arrival of envoys welcomed by the king of Majapahit Cempa, and the king took off his grandson did not mind Cempa to Majapahit to expand the experience. Sayyid Ali Rahmat departure to the Land of Java are not alone. He was accompanied by his father and brother. As mentioned above, is the father of Sayyid Ali Rahmat Sheikh and his brother Maulana Ibrahim Asmarakandi named Sayyid Ali Murtadho.Presumably they are not directly to the Majapahit, but landed in Tuban. But in Tuban, precisely in the village Gesikharjo, Sheikh Maulana Ibrahim Asmarakandi fell ill and died, he buried the village which still belong to camatan Cross Tuban district.Sayyid Murtadho then continued on, he Da'wah to the area around Nusa Tenggara, Madura and up to the Bima. There he received the king of the Milky Pandita, and finally Da'wah in the title of Prince Santri Gresik, he died and was buried in Gresik. Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah went on to face King Majapahit Queen Dwarawati UB on demand."Nanda Rahmatullah, would you give lessons or educate the nobility and the people of Majapahit in order to have a noble character," asked the King. With his polite euphemism Sayyid Ali said Rahmatullah said. "With pleasure Gusti King, I will do their utmost to devote my skills to educate them.""Good," replied the King. "Then I'll let you present the building following a parcel of land in Surabaya. That's where you'll teach the nobles and princes Majapahit so virtuous noble character. ""Thank you I Gusti haturkan King," replied Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah.Mentioned in the literature that Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah settled next few days in the palace of Majapahit and paired with one of the Majapahit princess named Dewi Candrawati. Thus Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah was one of the Majapahit prince, because he is the son-king of Majapahit. Furthermore, on the appointed day the group departed Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah to an area in Surabaya called Ampeldenta.During the trip a lot of strange things in the encounter group. Among them is Ali Sayyid Rahmatullah meeting with a girl named Siti Karimah who later became his wife. And along the way, he also did so increaseth proselytizing members of the group who followed his journey to Ampeldenta. Since the law was taken Sayyid Rahmatullah Ali Raja UB then he is a member of the Majapahit royal family or one of his princes, the princes in earlier times the mark with the name Raden. Furthermore, he is better known as Raden Rahmat. And because he lived in the village Ampeldenta, became ruler of the area then known as the Sunan Ampel him.Sunan means that uphold or role model in the local community. The first step taken in Ampeldenta Raden Rachmat is building a mosque, as was done by the Prophet migrated to Medina while. Then he founded the boarding school where the son of nobles and princes educate Majapahit and anyone who wants to come sit hello to him.His upbringing was the famous philosophy of Mo Limo or unwilling to do five things reprehensible, namely: gambling, drinking wine or bermabuk-mabukkan, stealing, opium or sucking honey and Madon, or play a woman not his wife.King Brawijaya very pleased with the results of education Raden Rahmat. Islam considers that the king is a noble doctrine of character, then when Raden Rahmat then announced his doctrine of Islam is the religion of the King Brawijaya not be angry, it's just that when he was invited to convert to Islam, he refused.Raden Rahmat allowed to broadcast the Islamic religion in the region and even throughout the Majapahit Surabaya, the note that people should not be forced, Raden Rahmatpun to explain that there is no compulsion in religion.After Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim's death, the Sunan Ampel appointed as an elder Wali Songo, the mufti or Muslim religious leaders as Java. Some of the students and the Sunan Ampel own son also became a member of Wali Songo, they are the Sunan Giri, Sunan Bonang, Sunan Drajad, Sunan Kalijaga. Sunan Bonang and Sunan is the son of Sunan Ampel Drajad own.His great service is the originator and planner with the birth of the Islamic kingdom's first king Raden is Broken, and law students themselves. He also helped establish the Great Mosque of Demak which was founded in 1477 AD Among the four main pillars Demak mosque until now still be named in accordance with that made the Sunan Ampel.Sunan Ampel attitude towards the old indigenous traditions very carefully, it is supported by Sunan Giri and Sunan Drajad. As I've mentioned in the consent of the Wali in Central Java Grand Mosque Demak.At that time suggested that Sunan Kalijaga Javanese traditions such as salvation, bersaji, wayang and gamelan arts accessible Islamic flavor. Hear the opinion of the Sunan Kalijaga Sunan Ampel ask:"Do not mengkwatirkan later that the old customs and ceremonies were later considered to be derived from the teachings of Islam? If this is allowed will be a heretic? "Festival in the deliberations was to answer the question Sunan Ampel, "I agree with the opinion of Sunan Kalijaga, that the old customs that still can be directed to the religion of Tawheed then we will give him an Islamic color. Old customs and beliefs were clearly leading towards polytheism we live at all. For example, gamelan and shadow puppets, we can give him the color of Islam according to the tastes of society. As for concerns about Kanjeng Sunan Ampel, I have a belief that later on there will be a perfect person. "The existence of two seemingly contradictory opinion is actually full of wisdom. Sunan Kalijaga opinion and Festival is a point that Islam was quickly accepted by the Javanese, and this is evident, because the two are good at marrying Wali old customs of Islam that can be tolerated so many Java people are flocking to convert to Islam. In principle they accept Islam first and then little by little they will be given a sense of unity in the faith of their cleanliness.Instead, the opinion of Sunan Ampel who want Islam be released consistent with a pure and also the essential truth of wisdom, thus making the community more and be careful running the sharia religious right and clean from all kinds of heresy.From his marriage to Goddess Candrawati or Nyai Ageng Manila Sunan Ampel son got some of them:A. Maulana Ibrahim Makdum or Sunan Bonang.2. Raden Qosim or Sunan Drajad.3. Akhmad Sunan Maulana or Lamongan.4. Siti Mutmainah5. Siti Alwiyah6. Siti Asikah the diperistri Raden Patah.As for the marriage to the daughter of Ki Wiryosaroyo Karimah Nyai he had two daughters, namely:A. Murtasia goddess who diperistri Sunan Giri.2. Mursimah goddess who diperistri Sunan Kalijaga.The greatness of the saints is indeed impressive, as is evidence of their readiness to accept differences of opinion. In the case of the customs of the people of Java are clear differences with Sunan Ampel Festival, Sunan Gunung Jati Kalijaga and Sunan. But they can still live together peacefully without any dispute that leads to strife. Even Sunan Kalijaga famous as the pioneer guard the old school became law Sunan Ampel.UTRA Sunan Ampel himself was a supporter of the Sunan Bonang Sunan Kalijaga opinion. Sunan Drajad or Qosim Raden is also the son of Sunan Ampel eventually also take advantage of gamelan as a powerful propaganda medium for the people close to Java in order to accept Islam. That's the spirit of that of the Guardian. Mutual respect for each battleground members.Sunan Ampel died in 1478 AD, he was buried in the west of the mosque Ampel. Every day many people who visit the grave of him even in the evening as well. 


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