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                                                        SUNAN BONANG

Sunan Bonang was born in 1465, with the name of Raden Maulana Ibrahim Makdum.He is the son of Sunan Ampel and Nyai Ageng Manila. bonang is a village in the district of Apex. Sunan Bonang name is thought to correspond Ang Bong Bong surname as his father's name alias Bong Swi Hoo Sunan Ampel.Sunan Bonang died in 1525 AD, and now the original tomb in the village of Bonang.However, often diziarahi is his tomb in the town of Tuban. Location of the tomb of Sunan Bonang two because it is said, when he died, the news of his death came to his students who came from Madura. The students admired him until he wanted to bring the bodies to Madura. However, the student can not take it and can only carry a shroud and his clothes. When passing Tuban, there is a student from Sunan Bonang Tuban heard from students who brought the corpse Madura Sunan Bonang. They were fighting over it.In Fiber Darmo Gandhul, Sunan Bonang called Sayyid Kramat is an Arab descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
Lineage sunan bonangThere is a lineage that connects Sunan Bonang and the Prophet Muhammad: (rujukana)Sunan Bonang (Makdum Ibrahim) binSunan Ampel (Raden Rahmat) Sayyid Ahmad bin Rahmatillahmaulana ibrahim malik binsyekhj Jumadil Qubro (Jumada al-Akbar Khan) binJalaludin bin Ahmad KhanBin Abdullah KhanAbdul Malik Al-Muhajir (from Nasrabad, India) bin Alawi Ammil Faqih
(From Hadramaut) binmuhammad shoib mirbatah (from Hadramaut)Ali Kholi 'Qosam binAts-Thani bin AlawiMuhammad bin Sohibus Saumi'ahBin Alawi al-AwwalUbaidullah binAl Muhajir bin ahmadBin Isa Al-RumiMuhammad an-Naqib binAli bin UradhiJa'afar bin As-SodiqMuhammad al-Baqir binAli Zainal 'Abidin binhussainbinali bin abi tholibh (dar ifatimah az-Zahra bint Muhammad)Literature ^ ^Sunan Bonang lot of literature composed in the form [[mysticism]] or song imagery.Among others who influenced the book Suluk Wijil Shidiq by Abu Sa'id al-Khayr al.Sunan Bonang also composed the song'' [[Tamba Ati]]'' (from [[Java language]],'' means'' soul healer) who is still often sung by men.^ Scientific ^Sunan Bonang is also well known in the science kebathinannya. He developed the science (dhikr) derived from Rasullah SAW, then he combined with the balance of respiratory {{cn}} is called Alif Lam Mim secret (ا ل م), which means only Allah knows.Sunan Bonang also create physical movements or tactics which he took from Hijaiyyah art form letters, amounting to 28 letters starting from the letter Alif and ends with Yes'. He created the physical movement of the name and symbol fonts hijayyah is the purpose of a very deep and full of meaning, in layman interpret the author invites his students to memorize the letters hijaiyyah and later after reaching the level required to read and understand the contents of the Qur 'an. Scientific emphasis is created by Sunan Bonang invites his disciples to do the prostration or prayers and dhikr. Until now science created by Sunan Bonang in Indonesia is still preserved by generation and organized by the name of Science Sujud Padepokan Siat Power In Indonesia. 


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