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definition of islam

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                    definition of islam
Is someone who converted to Islam byfirst consideration will be the same with people whofrom birth had converted to Islam?Chirri:Islamic religion is the same with every religionThe other in the eyes of Islamic scripture the Quran.Furthermore, a newly converted to Islam morefortunate than one who from birth has been aIslam, for two reasons:A. A new Islamic religion, should receivereturn (reward) is greater than the people whoIslam was born.Someone new to Islam usually after investigatingtruth and overcome the psychological crisis, because the movereligion is not an easy job. Thisrequires great courage and effort, whilea Muslim from birth she received His religion asheritage.2. A new religion of Islam, considered to be pure andfree from every sin that has passed. Allpast sins are wiped out completely. He will onlyresponsible for the sins which he did afterHe converted to Islam. So, when a person becomes a Muslim,say in the morning is the sun rises and thenleave before noon, in the view of Islam heincorporated into heaven.He does not have to hold prayers dawn (morning)because he converted to Islam after the sun arise, norhe must hold prayer during the day (noon),because he died before the time of noon prayer (noon).WILSON:Sometimes I find that Islam is said to"-El-Deen Touhid" and is sometimes said to be"-El-Deen Fitrah." The second name is from Arabic,both must be interpreted for the benefit of the peoplewho are not Arab.Chirri:"-El-Deen Touhid, 'means believing the religion of OnenessGod, and "El-Deen-Fitrah" means the religion in accordance withor to be received well by human nature.Islam Religion of the one God is said to cause the main pointis the unity of God. The principle of one God is the principleThe most emphasized and repeated in the ScripturesAl-Qur'an.When Islam was introduced to the world, the nations of theWorld in general idolaters.Some of Religion preach the oneness of God but in the formis not clear. Some of them considerstatue in human form as God.This is the most important part of the message content (news) newto improve the idolaters and toget rid of the darkness found in the concept of onenessLord.Religion Islam says Islam teaches the doctrine of natural causesto be received well by the human mind when the mindman is free from illogical thinking and superstition.Prophet Muhammad said:"Every human being born in a pure state butthrough the influence of his parents he might be notMuslim. "When a person freed from illogical thinking,he could easily see the order of the universe,draw the conclusion that the universe has only onecreator. It is very easy and simple tothe human mind to accept a doctrine that requiresus to believe that more than 4 billion years,age of the world has been created by the creator.It is very simple to accept the teachings of theencourages us to believe that the creator of natureuniverse is Absolute Justice, Straight & Forgiving and withThus the creators does not burden a person's sinsothers are done.The teachings of Islam accepted by the human mind, exceptif the human mind is overwhelmed by some of the teachingsillogical.This is why the natural religion of Islam is said to(Religion of nature). pillars of islam
(1) give two sentences creed
(2) Praying five times a day
(3) Fasting in the month of Ramadan
(4) perform the pilgrimage to the House (Mecca)
(5) give charity 

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