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Islam and Science

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                  Islam and Science

Iran's nuclear crisis has yet to expire, the U.S. orchestrated the West pressure Iran to not develop nuclear technology for endangering world peace. This is the U.S. double standard, one side to let Israel develop its nuclear and threaten the Arab countries and the Middle East, the other side for not pressing Iran to have nuclear weapons. Actually, what peace meant the U.S.?, Of course, peace for himself and his allies.
Not to mention, lack of mastery of the Muslims to science and technology, so that we become the largest consumer of the products of Western capitalists. This is of course intentional by them to the Islamic countries are always behind in mastering science and technology, so we are always up to them and can never be independent. We can see the weakness of military force when the U.S. boycotted the military arsenal, because TNI is considered to violate human rights in some cases in the country.
We will not discuss the Iranian nuclear crisis and the dependence of science and technology, but we will focus on how Islam contributes to the advancement of science and technology in particular and the Western world generally. Even some Western observers of Islam has said that without the West would not have experienced great advances in science and technology such as this (Making of Humanity, Robert Briffault). See 4, pp. 69-72
Al-Quran and Science
Islam is very much appreciated knowledge, the Quran recommends people to use their minds to get ahead in faith and life. There is no contradiction between the Quran and science, and even new discoveries reinforce kemu'jizatan Al-Quran.Had the Qur'an is not from Allah, they would have got a lot of contradictions in it (An-Nisa '82).
Contrary to the Gospel (Bible) is often at odds with science, churches and even scientists like Galileo to death for the theory of Copernicus that the sun Helisentris center of the solar system. In contrast, the geocentric theory maintains that the earth is the center of the solar system. See 4, page 5 This is the dark ages of Europe yan occurred before the 18th century AD Al-Quran is a revelation of God and there is no contradiction in it, the gospel which was written 60-70 years after Jesus' death was influenced by the intervention of his followers and can be revised at any time it chooses.
One of the scientific evidence of the existence of Al-Quran is a clear boundary between fresh and salt water (sea), although the two are mixed. The research scientist, a meeting between fresh water to salt water (sea) will not lead to mixing of the two because of the electric and magnetic effects that are opposite each other so that the creation of a bulkhead in the middle of the waters. This is according to the word Alah swt:
He let the two seas that they both met. Among them is a barrier that is not exceeded by each (Ar-Rahman 19-20). See 1, p 41
Not to mention scientific discoveries in the fields of: mathematics, optics, astronomy, geology, biology, pharmacy, medicine, etc., all of which there is no contradiction with the Quran, when Al-Qur'an was revealed 1400 years ago.
Islam provides the opportunity for the human mind to develop the widest possible knowledge, as long as not contrary to the shari'ah. The foundation used is when the companions of crop failure due dates follow the advice of the Prophet shook palm trees.Messenger of Allah said: "you guys are a'lamu biumuridunyaakum" (You're more aware of world affairs, you are Muslim). While dealing with hadara (culture / civilization) it must be tied to the Shari'ah, such as laws related to aqeedah, worship, mu'amalah, 'uqubat and others. So that for example automotive technology is not related to one's religion, we could have developed a technology that already exists in the U.S. or Japan because this is pure science and technology. While the culture (hadara) dress is something that is bound to have to refer to Islam and Islamic law, is prohibited (forbidden) of the Muslims to imitate the culture of Western-style dress that opened the genitalia.
Expert and inventor of Islam in Various Fields
In the golden age of Islamic Caliphate science developed so rapidly, to develop the science of the Caliph set up educational institutions and research. One of the Caliph Harun al-Rashid (169-194 H), which established the school of pharmacy and chemistry.
With conditions like that then popping the experts and inventors in various fields, such as: Ibn Sina's medical expert and mathematics; Jabir Ibn Hayyan chemists and medicine (the inventor of sulfur mercury theory of metals); Al-Kindi was a physicist, astronomer and optics ; Al-Baitar botanist (plant) and pharmaceuticals; Muhammad, Ahmad and Hasan triad in engineering and mechanics; Hazen Ibn optician, physics and mathematics; Al-Qirafi optician; Khuwarizmi mathematician, astronomer and geographer ( the inventor of logarithms); Abul Wafa triginometri expert (inventor of the sinus in the triangle up) and a long list of Muslim scholars in various fields. Even Thomas Edison was not the inventor of electricity, since electricity was discovered first by the Al-Jazzar. The invention of paper with wood pulp derived from 10th century AD Islam, where previously only made of paper from China silkworm cocoon. See 2, page 12: see also 3, pp. 63-64
Learning from the Islamic West
Western students (mainly European) scientific hunt for Islamic countries such as Barcelona, ​​Toledo, Cordova, Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus, Mosul, Tehran and others, for that they must first master the Arabic language. They also translated the Arabic books into their language to be able to develop parallel to the Islamic sciences. Among Sylvester who learned to Spain, later to become Pope Sylvester II (10th century AD), Frederich II, ruler of Italy, which eventually became Emperor in Germany. See 3, pp. 61-63
The names given by the West against the Muslim scholars in various fields may seem strange to our ears and we think that those Western scholars who are Christians. Their names include Avicenna, Geber, Rezhes, Abulcassis, Haly Rodoam, Averroes, Albetinius and others, but they are Muslim scholars. Ibn Sina Avicenna, Jabir Ibn Hayyan to Geber, Abul Qosim Zahrawi became Abulcassis, Ar-Rozi be Rezhes, Averroes or Ibn Rushd became Al-Battani be Abetinius View 4, p 21: see also 3, p 67
Reversal of the progress of science facts are not sufficient to replace Islam Islamic names above, but these terms are also replaced with the term Muslim West so obscure that the invention is derived from Islam. Those terms include Algebra (Al-Jabr), Algorithm (Al-Khuwarizmi), Average (Awariya), Cipher / Zero (Sifr), Zenith (Janit), Alchemiy / Chemistry (Al-Kimiya), Antimony (Antimun) , Zircon (Azraq), Admiral (Amir al-Bahr), Adobe (Al-Tub), alkali (al-Qali), Cable (Habl), Calibre (Qalaba), Camel (Jamal), Canon (Qanun), Checkmate ( Shah Mat), Coffee (qahwa), Cotton (Qutun), Earth (ard), Hazard (Al-Zahr), Jasmine (Yasmin), Lemon (Lemonade), Magazine (Makhazin), Orange (Naranj), Rice (Ruzz) , Sugar (Sukkar), Cornea (Qarnia), Pancreas (Bankras) and others.

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