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the origins of Islam

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                                   the origins of Islam


To acquire understanding of the truth about the origins of Islam, we will need to know before the Islamic Arab state, it would be self-Mohammed, and will be the early history of Islam. Although archeology, Al Quran and the Hadith contains many records of this case, busy people may not be aware of it.BEFORE Muhammad's MeccaHave you ever would imagine the state of Mecca before the birth of Mohammed? The city of Mecca, when it's on, sememangnya is a very interesting city kerana city is the center of trade and also support various places of the differing cultures. Traders there also embrace various religions. Quraysh worshiped Hubal there, Al-ilah, and three daughters of Al-ilah. Sebuat black stone that comes from heaven is disanjungi and placed in one corner of the Kaaba. This temple is the center of worship of 360 idols (Bukhari Volume 3, book 43, chapter 33, no. 658, p.396 and Bukhari Volume 5, book 59, chapter 47, no. 583, p. 406). Encyclopedia of Islam (Eliade edition, p. 303ff) have said that before the Islamic bahawa, people are praying five times a day facing Mecca, and fasting for half a day for a whole month. Quraysh also fasted on every 10th of Muharram.Mohammed had ordered his followers to practice the same practice, but then the practice is not required (Bukhari Volume 5, book 58, chapter 25, no. 172, hal.109 and Bukhari vol 6, book 60, chapter 24, no. 31 , p. 25).Before the advent of Islam, the Arabs had already raised the pilgrimage to Mecca. Fiqh us-Sunnah Volume 5, hal.122 and Bukhari Volume 2, book 26, chapter 33, no. 635, p.There bahawa 371-372 record, at that time, the Arabs who did not raise Haj deemed to have committed the greatest sin in this world. In Mecca, before the existence of Islam, they have covered the Kaaba with cloth (Fiqh vol. 5, p. 131) and they also have the holy month that does not justify the war in the long period (Bukhari Volume 2, book 23, chapter 96, no. 482, p. 273).
Generally, the word "Allah" is an abbreviation word in Arabic for the word Al-ilah, which bererti "God". Neither the Christian nor pagan Arabs also use the word Ilah for God. The Book of Arabic and Indonesian languages ​​of today are also using the word "Allah" for God. In the past, said the Middle Eastern languages ​​are somewhat similar to the word el bring erti "god", whether used for the true God or an idol, in the Ugaritic language, the language of Canaan and the Hebrew language. Before Muhammad, the Kaaba which puts the 360 ​​idols were called temple or "house of God". Mohammed's father died before Muhammad was born was named "Abdullah" which bererti servant of God.Additional, one of the Jewish race was held 'Abdullah bin Salam "in Bukhari Volume 5, book 59, chapter 13, no. 362, p. 241.In particular, the idols worshiped in Mecca, one of the idols was held "Allah". This idol was the god of the Quraysh, and god has three daughters. When compared to four instead of five pillars of Islam, the Meccans before Mohammed fasted on the same day, giving alms to the poor themselves are poor, bersolat facing Mecca, and raise the pilgrimage to Mecca. Although there are a lot of distinction between the religion of Islam with the Ouraysh idolatry, rather hairannya is the continuity of the practice-the practice of Islam is the habit of pagan Quraysh.The following portion will show bahawa, like the Greek god Zeus derived primary rather than the common word for God (theos), the same case also happened with the Arabs prior to Islam.
The worshipers of GOD
Primitive people crowded to worship the sun god and moon goddess. It is unusual for Arabs living in the West worship the moon god and his wife, the goddess of the sun. The presence of statues of the pre-Islam which is a symbol of the moon god, the crescent moon. The crescent moon is the same as the Islamic Shi'ite crescent, crescent Shi'ites but added a little star. According to the Encyclopedia of Islam. 303, the Yemeni / Sabaean people also have a moon god. Quraysh might acquire it than their idols.As has been said, God has three daughters called Lat, Uzza and Manat. At one point, "the prophet of God" has been compromised and said in the Qur'an (Sura 53:19) bahawa "intercessory prayer they are expected". In other words, he says we should expect help bahawa than three idols.The followers of Muhammad would have been surprised when he said this. Later, Mohammed also turned his thoughts and said the devil had deceived bahawa. Hence the error has been made, these verses are "dimansuhkan" or discarded. These verses are often called "the verse devil". Rather interesting to read bahawa God has "dimansuhkan verses" in Sura 13:39, Sura 16:101 and Sura 2:106; padahalnya, Sura 41:37 No mention bahawa sun god and goddess worshipers of the moon is not justified.In summary, the Mecca at the time of Mohammed is a very cosmopolitan city. Sabaean people, ethnic Muhammad and the Quraysh worshiped the moon god, named Al-ilah or Allah, and three daughters. Al Quran teaches not to worship idols, but the Islamic scholar Mohammed admitted bahawa origin have pasted the verses that say bahawa intercessory prayer three daughters of Allah is expected.Muhammad's A HUSBANDSura 4:3 says bahawa men may have at most four wives, but Sura 33:50 Muhammad to justify an exception. According to Islamic scholar Ali Dashti, here is the wives and mistresses of Muhammad:A. Khadijah bt. Khuwailjd (the first one died)2. Sauda bt. Zam'ah3. Aisha bt. Abu Bakr (8-9 years old)4. Umm Salamah Hind bt. Abi Umaiyah5. Hafsa bt. Umar6. Zaynab bt. Jahsyin7. Juwairiyah bt. Harith (the prisoners)8. Umm Habibah Ramlah bt. Abi Sufian9. Safiyah bt. Huyay (prisoners)10. Maimunah bt. al-Harith11. Fatimah (for short periods of time)12. Hind (widow)13. Asma bt. Saba14. Zaynab bt. Khuzaima15. Habla16. Asma bt. al-Nu'man17. Maria al-Qibtiyya (the Christian)18. Raihanah bt. Zaid (transportation is not clear)19. Umm Sharik20. Maimuna21. Zaynab bt. Khewalid22. Khawla bt. JudgeMohammed married Safiya after murdering her husband and one of the Banu Quraiza (Bukhari Volume 2, book 14, chapter 5, no. 68, p.35, Bukhari Volume 4, book 52, chapter 74, 143, hal.92, and Bukhari Volume 4, book 52, chapter 168, after no. 280, p.175-176).Sememangnya form a real problem in Saudi Arabia kerana mengelisahkan foreign women who go there as a maid by force is used as sex slaves. Walaubagaimanapun, you can not accuse Saudi Arabian men who do this as hypocritical kutut case. In accordance with their religious traditions, forcing her to perform sex slaves is morally (see Bukhari vol 3, book 34 chapter 111, no. 432, p.237; Bukhari Volume 3, book 34, bab113, after no. 436, thing. 239-240; Bukhari Volume 5, book 59, chapter 31, no. 459, p. 317; Bukhari volume 8, book 76, chapter 3, no. 600, p. 391; Sahih Muslim volume 2 book 8, chapter 560, no. 3571, p. 732-733).London Economist (January 6, 1990) reported that the Muslims in Sudan bahawa thrall of women and children Dinka tribe. Typical issue of Newsweek on May 4, 1992 on slavery also reported bahawa Muslims still devote the black, as also reported in the Austin American Statesman on February 2, 1996. The article in the Readers Digest 3/1996 p.77-81, titled "Practices that shameful servitude back to Africa" ​​is a sad story of oppression.Muhammad's AN PROSPEROUSMohammed along with the person rather than seizing the caravans. Bukhari vol 3, book 37, chapter 8, no. 495, p. 280 said bahawa "When God made His prophets rich through conquest ..." 1/5 rather than booty included in the treasury, and Sahih Muslim vol 2, book 5, chapter 401, no. 2348, p. 519 Mohammed said the whole family gets bahawa sebahagian than the result. Deprivation of Muslims first recognized as Nakhla Raid.During the holy month, the followers of Mohammed made hendap attack on a caravan with the caravan, killing one than the other and make them slaves, and confiscated their Barangan. Mohammed himself is also co-led a second attack at Badr. Mohammed pertempatan enriched by attacking the Jews of Khaibar. He and his loyal followers as well get the spoils and wives (Muhammad's wives need more?) 700-1000 rather than ethnic Jews of Banu Quraiza beheaded by Muhammad and his followers after the surrender of the Jews.Muhammad's A sinnerWhen the Bible says bahawa Jesus (Isa) is without sin, in the case described here will be said by the Quran and Hadith Bukhari on Muhammad. In Sura 40:55 and 48:1-2 Allah tells Muhammad to ask for forgiveness of sins (or weakness) that have been made. Now, people do not need to ask forgiveness for fizikalnya weakness, but on his moral weakness. Sahih Muslim vol 1, book 4, chapter 268, no.1695, p. 373 said bahawa Mohammed prayed, "I feel guilty and confess my sins. Forgive all my sins ... "Bukhari Volume 1, book 2, bab.13, 19, p. 23: Bukhari Volume 1, book 12, chapter 57, no. 781, p.434; Bukhari vol 6, book 60, chapter 3, no. 3, p. 4; Bukhari volume 8, book 75, chapter 3, no, 319, p. 213 and Bukhari volume 8, book 75, chapter 62 before no. 407, hal.271 also mentioned about the sins of Muhammad. It is more detailed about the sins of Mohammed is also mentioned in Bukhari Volume 1, book 4, chapter 70, no. 234, p. 147-148; Bukhari volume 8, book 82, chapter 1, no. 794-795, p. 520, which is recorded bahawa he cut the arms and legs, their eyes burn, and make them die of thirst after their arms and legs cut off (see also Bukhari volume 8, book 82, chapter 3, no. 796, chapter 4, p. 797 ; Bukhari Volume 6, chapter 150 before 198, hal.158-159).You probably will agree bahawa matters conducted by Mohammed is a major sin.Therefore Muhammad had done these sins, then he's very need to ask for forgiveness.The issue is: "Who make up for your sins?" Jesus said that He bahawa pay for our sins.Islam does not teach either of God or Mohammed bahawa who will atone for sins. How will your sins redeemed, or is there something God would justify sin and that sin does not justify another?Sesetengah may argue bahawa sin may be made while the person is admitted he was a Muslim. Muslims are killing people in abab Kristian and perform large-scale killings throughout the villages in Sudan, Nigeria, and Indonesia. When people called Kristian killing Muslims, people will argue Kristian bahawa person has against the nature of Christ. When Muslims kill Kristian, who worship the True God, I never heard anyone say bahawa is against the nature of Islam Muhammad.Forgive me kerana too blunt, but the act of killing Muslims who worship Allah should be stopped. When the Muslims cuba kerana justify their murder of their prophet (Mohammed) also do this, then others will have a shadow of doubt wasangkan about their prophet, Allah abrogate their own words, and the origins of Islam.CONSIDER THE PROPHET WITHOUT SINInstead of Muhammad, there is a prophet who:· Reveal Himself as a prophet of God,· To fulfill all the predictions and intentions,· Never forgiven kerana never sinned,· Never to kill or threaten the lives of others· Have a very high moral standard (never justify coercive sex),· Pledged to pay the ransom for your sins,· Suffer and die for you,· Do not have a grave, kerana he had risen from his deathWhich we mention here is Jesus Christ (Isa al-Masih). Kristian people do not need to say to Jesus bahawa: "may God's peace accompanying (Jesus)", kerana Jesus is the Prince of Peace itself, and the peace of God has been and will be forever with Jesus. More than that, my hope is that you will find the peace of Christ and His love so that peace and love of Christ is sentiasa live in your heart.

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