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Zakat laws

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Perhaps the most blatant form of income ontoday this is what is obtained from the workand the profession. Work to make money there are two kinds. Firstis the work done on their own without dependingto others, thanks to the dexterity of the hand or brain.Income derived in this way isprofessional income, such as earning a doctorate,engineer, an advocate of artists, tailors, carpenters andthe others.The second, is the person doing the work forother parties-including government, corporations, and individualswith a wage, which is given, with hands, brain,or both. Income from such employmentthe form of salaries, wages, or honoraria.Wajibkah developing both types of income are nowwas issued zakat or not? When required,what nisabnya, large zakat, and how to reviewIslamic jurisprudence on the issue?These questions need to obtain aanswer at present, so that everyone knowsobligations and rights. Other forms of income withmodern form, the volume is large, and the sourceextensive, it is something that has not been recognized byfiqh scholars in the past. We describe an answerthese questions in three main chapters:A. Juristic views about income and profession, as well as
opinion of the jurists in ancient times and now
about the law, as well as an explanation of the opinion that
strong.2. Nisab, magnitude, and how to set one up.3. Large zakat.Jurisprudence VIEWS ON INCOME AND PROFESSIONALSOPINION edgeThe teachers like Abdur Rahman Hasan, Muhammad Abu Zahraand Abdul Wahab Khalaf has argued this issuein his lecture on charity in Damascus in 1952.The lectures they come to a conclusion thattext as follows:"Income and the profession can take zakat when ita year and quite senisab. If we hold on toopinion of Abu Hanifah, Abu Yusuf and Muhammad that nisabnot necessarily have to be achieved throughout the year, but enoughfully achieved between the two ends year with no less inthe middle we can conclude that theinterpretation is possible to require the charitythe income every year, because it rarely resultsstalled throughout the year and even reached the second mostthe end of the year. Based on this, we candetermine the source of income as zakat, becauseillat presence (cause), which according to scholars of fiqhlegitimate, and nisab, which is the foundation of compulsory charity. "
"And because Islam has a size for one - tocould be considered rich - which is 12 according to the size of the gold JunaihOld Egyptian Junaih the size it should be fulfilled also forsomeone to hit the obligation of zakat, making clearthe difference between rich people and the obligatory zakatpoor receiving alms.
In this case, the Hanafi school of more obvious, namely that the number ofsenisab there was enough at the beginning and end of coursewithout having found in the mid-year. Provisions of theZakat must be considered in requiring the resultsincome and profession, to be clear whoquite rich and who are poor, aprofessional workers often do not meet these provisions. "About the great charity, they say, "Income andprofession, we do not find examples in jurisprudence, in addition tospecific issues regarding the lease in question Ahmad. Hereported the opinion of someone who rentsa rented house and get enough money nisab, thatperson is obliged to issue a zakat whenaccepted without the requirement of one year. It was onessentially resemble the eyes of income, and mustzakatnya issued when it reaches a nisab. "This is in line with what we have stressed morefirst, that rare person whose income workersnot reach nisab as we have set,although not quite in the middle of the year but enough toend of the year. He shall issue a charity in accordance with nisabwho has a year old.SALARIES AND WAGES ARE INCOME PROPERTYAs a result of that interpretation, but the opposition, - isthat zakat must be collected from the salary or something a monththan twelve months. Because the provision is mandatory zakatnisab pretty full at the beginning or end of the year.What is interesting is the opinion of the great teachers of theprofession and income and income from salary orabove others, that they did not findequation in fiqh than what was reported aboutAhmad opinion about a house on rent. Butequation was actually nothing to be mentioned inhere, namely that such property may be classified toproperty income, "which earned wealthMuslim man through the establishment of appropriate newwith religious Shari'a. So the view of jurisprudence on the formincome that is, that he is "income property."A group of friends of the opinion that the obligation of zakatsuch property directly, without waiting for the deadlineyear. Among them are Ibn Abbas, Ibn Mas'ud,Mu'awiyah, Sadiq, Baqir, Nasir, David, and narratedalso Umar bin Abdul Aziz, Hasan, Zuhri, and Auza'i. The opinions and rebuttal-rebuttal to the opinion-that opinion has been written in books that have beenwas among the researchers, such as al-Muhalla byIbn Hazm, Volume 4: 83 and so on by Ibn al-MughniQudamah Volume 2: 6-Authar Nail Volume 4: 148 Rudz an-NadzirVolume 2: 41 and as-Salam Subul vol 2: 129.FIND MORE STRONG OPINIONS ABOUT THE PROFESSION ZAKATUrgent, given the present age, is foundlaw must be "property income" that way, because thereimportant things to note, that the resultsincome, profession, and non-commercial property canclassified to the "property income" is. Whena wealth of riches, which have been issuedzakat, in which there is "property income" that,had been developed, such as trading profits andlivestock production is calculated annually equatedwith the calculation of its parent. That's because the relationshipprofits to its parent that is very close.Accordingly, if someone already has onenisab trade livestock or property, the basis andreturns are jointly issued by the end of zakat.This is clear. In contrast to this, "property income" inform of compulsory zakat money from the wealth that has not been enoughhis time a year, for example, a person who sellsplants that have been issued zakatnya 1/10 or 1/20,so also a person who sells livestock production has beenissued zakat, the money raised from the pricegoods are not removed zakatnya that time.This is to avoid double zakat, which intaxation called "Overlapping Tax."We're talking about here, is about the "treasureincome, "which evolved not from the other property,but because the cause of free, such as wages, investmentcapital, administration, or the like, either from a type withother property available to him or not.Jugakah full-year provision applies to the charity of wealththis work? Or combined with charity propertyand similar provisions of a year's time following thesimilar assets that? Zakat or mandatory accountingwhen money has been collected and hard to be fulfilledrequirements applicable as zakat senisab enough,net of debt, and more of the needsprincipal?What is clear is that there is a third opinion opinionfiqh scholars despite the many well-known amongthe jurists it is that time of year is theabsolute requirement mandatory alms every property, possessionsacquisition or not. It was based on the traditionsthe rules concerning the assessment year and thattraditions that apply to all property includingproperty operating results.Below we present the traditions of truth degreesabout one year terms and the extent to which the priestsHadith membenarkanny

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