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Hukum-hukum Zakat The process of Hajj and Umrah Travel

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Hajj and Umrah Travel Process The following is the result of the concatenation Copas Hajj and Umrah trip written by KBIH (Hajj Guidance Group) MULTAZAM MADIUN DISTRICT


Things - things that need to be prepared from home
A. Ask anything that is not yet clear to the Ministry of Religious Affairs in person or by telephone
2. Maintain health with adequate rest
3. Setting up groceries - the day such as: clothing, clothes Ihrom, flip-flops (at least 3 pairs), sandal bags, small scissors, prayer books, a belt (for men), cast nail, hammer (a squad of just one), place plastic, cepit clothesline, pins, sunglasses. If the ankle is still possible bring bed sheets pillow cases, penebak small, folding umbrella striking colors, crackle bags, plastic bags the size of 1 Kg.
4. Write the identity on all bags, bleak: The name and complete address, No Number, Passport Number and number (kloter, group and team).
5. Provide sufficient allowance.
6. Carrying drugs when having certain diseases, such as eucalyptus oil, ulcer medications, and so forth.
7. Bring a passport photo is still there.
8. Thanksgiving should not be tiring when pilgrims departure.
9. Prepare Haji really do not need there to the left such as: Jackets, camera, cap / skull cap, herbs, unag pocket and another - another.

Fill luggage and bags tentengan
A. Fill a large suitcase, among others:

Most of the clothing
Material feeding in Saudi (dry-dry)
Umbrella single sheets.
Ihrom fabric for pilgrims wave I.
Sandals - sandals
And others that need.
2. Fill Bags tentengan Covers.

Towels, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush.
Mostly clothes.
Letter - the letter is important.
Ihrom fabric for pilgrims wave II.
Slippers (one set only).
And others that need.

Departure to Surabaya Hajj
A. Hall went to Madison County in accordance with the date and time set.
2. Wear clothes / uniforms fit a particular agreement.
3. Safar prayers at home and pray.
4. Ceremony and the explanations of the relevant agencies.
5. Vehicle ride in groups to Surabaya.
6. Do not forget to bring SPMA (Dormitory incoming call letter) and proof of deposit to the bank's (the stamp duty)
7. Please note, remember how many pieces of luggage.

IN Hajj embarkation

The arrival of the Pilgrim Candidates in Surabaya Hajj.
A. Prospective pilgrims gave Boarding Incoming Mail (SPMA) and a blue sheet and repayment BPIH health book collective.
2. Login residence in accordance with the schedule and received in the reception building. Hajj pilgrims labeled label should always be worn.
3. Jmaah officers were received and checked the room number of pregnancy.
4. If the pregnancy is known to exist, it will be canceled departure.
5. Large bags checked luggage was immediately taken to the Customs warehouse as for the airport a little bag can still be taken to the dormitory room (remember the pilgrims wave II Ihrom fabric should be brought to room Dormitory)
6. Tentengan bag containing consumer goods - the day such as soap, towels, toothbrushes, slippers, clothes and so brought to the room.
7. Prospective pilgrims directly search the building or room, to which there can bertannya.
8. The requested ABAT brought a letter to TKHI requested so as not deprived in Saudi Arabia.

Activities on Hajj before being flown towards Surabaya Juanda Airport
Break in the room while waiting for the announcement of the Committee to:
A. Karu Karom stabilization tasks (team leader and Chairman of the Group).
2. Chairman of the team took the bracelet with the chairman of the Group and immediately distributed to all worshipers (team leader and the group leader was given money services by the Committee)
3. If the time is still possible are encouraged to follow the pilgrims pray Fajr, the dawn and Practices Lecture Manasik Hajj, but when the plane left early in the dawn prayer in their rooms.

The facilities provided in Asramah Haji to
The candidates for the Pilgrim
A. Free meals three times a day, morning (6:00 a.m. to 7:00 pm): lunch (12:00 to 13:00 GMT) tonight (18:00 to 19:00 GMT). Meal hours will be announced.
2. Dollar real exchange or on the bank counter that opens in Surabaya Hajj embarkation, (preferably Dollar exchange only)
3. Also provided a place for consultation Hajj pilgrims who wanted an explanation of the Hajj
4. Diasrama no cafeteria food, but keep the stomach so as not to disturb the flight departure.
5. When necessary tools such as the need comb, toothpaste, or sarong, towel, extra food, enough to buy at the store Hajj.

Departure Towards the Pilgrim Candidates to Bandahara Juanda Surabaya and flown to Jeddah King Abdul Aziz for waves II and to the airport in Madinah for wave i.
A. Four hours before the departure of prospective pilgrims to the Juanda Airport, it is recommended that pilgrims pack - pack. Luggage not to get left behind. Then the pilgrims went into the Hall of Bir Ali. For the Pilgrims wave II should be ready fabric munkin Ihrom.
2. Diteras hall prompted Label Asramahnya pilgrims.
3. At the bottom of the bag tentengan Hall and other items placed there and remember - remember the place. Then the prospective pilgrims up to the Hall of Bir Ali (Hall above) to receive a passport, living cost and pasting boarding pass.
4. After the ceremony in the Hall of Bir Ali completed, the Pilgrims had received passports, living cost and the boarding pass and then down to the hall below. Do not forget to count the living cost before the committee or karu karom, then distorted the money. In the hall there is a re-examination (Remember do not take gas oil, gasoline and flammable items)
5. Once the goods continue to be examined ualang bus that was provided after the bus ride and then flown to Heathrow airport.
6. For the second wave of pilgrims clothing Ihrom tentengan to be included in the bag for easy dressing while Ihrom in jeddah airport mandatory to perform Umrah or is berkain Ihrom of residence.
7. Phosphorus in the plane of pilgrims prepare to leave to officers and will be torn sheet kloter "D"
8. During in-flight food and drinks are provided free of charge, the congregation is expected to remain calm and multiply the reading sholawat dhikr.


In Madinah Airport / Jeddah.
A. Out of the plane through the hall towards the Elephant Gate (reception room). Do not panic and shocked many officers entered the room air conditioner from Saudi Arabia, but also we are Yansus Officer (Special Service)
2. Officials from Saudi Arabia (Yunasco) blend into one with Yansus, prospective pilgrims are directed to sit, where men and women are separated, but it is open. Usually in place (space) with this to get an explanation of our officers at the airport (Yansus)
3. In the second room of the pilgrims are expected to sit berderetuntuk queue one by one that is guided Saudi Arabia to Immigration officers checked his passport. The place is still separate between men and women.
4. Special examination room enclosed by Officer Muassasah second, separate men and women are still the man to be examined by male officers and female officers otherwise well women. Because it is a bag containing valuables / money order taken alone.
5. Log into the third chamber, the prospective pilgrims gathered together men and women. Dirangan entry through the luggage X-ray, the congregation chose their own luggage - their own and to be unlocked and will be checked by Customs officers in uniform Arab cloak (abaya)
6. In this examination of the pilgrims have to open all bags / luggage. Prohibited items will not qualify. Keep in mind not to bring suit, jacket or other device that military smelling, because it will be difficult.
7. Upon inspection of finished goods, then the passport, purse or carried tentengan be as small as a postage sticker. Check out the door there was no sticker item or not.
8. The pilgrims carry their own luggage - alone. From here the pilgrims are busy working for his own - one, because it is advisable not too heavy luggage because it will meyulitkan.
9. The pilgrims are expected meyesuaikan to the state and the temperature in Saudi Arabia. Drink and eat fruits.
10. Seasonal officers from Indonesia has been picked out and directed us to a special place of pilgrims from Indonesia. Luggage already there that raised from the porters - Arab porters to use the big stroller.
11. TPHI officers (chairman Kloter) report to the state sector of the airport and all the worshipers and pilgrims rest while preparing to Mecca for wave II.
12. For the second wave of pilgrims who argue that Miqotnya in Jeddah will go to Mecca to make preparations: bath, wudlu, dressed Ihrom, Ihrom Sunnah prayers and intentions Forum. During a trip to Mecca Sunnah read Talbiyah.

The journey from Medina Airport
A. Madinag journey from the airport for about 1/2 hours. In the course of the pilgrims are advised Dhikr.
2. Should get off the bus in groups to avoid confusion.
3. The pilgrims are requested to always work together to follow the prescribed officer.
4. Immediately report to the officer if there are difficulties, for example: missing items, etc..
5. Do not get off the bus before any command.
6. Will usually be able to lodge the card when it came into the room (shared by karu / karom)
7. Keep an eye on the goods - goods derived from bis own, especially immediately searched her luggage so that no one carrier to the highest floor.

Placement in Medina
Placement in Madinah for Hajj performed before wave I and wave II carried out after the Hajj. Things - things to consider include:
A. Do not get off the bus before the announcement of the officers.
2. The officer listened to the explanation of the division of the room.
3. Goods - goods will be lowered from the top of the bus by porters and taken to the inn (watch his own suitcase)
4. Each - one carrying the goods - the goods into the room.
5. In the event of loss or pain should be reported to the Officer (Group Chairman)
6. Break in the room while waiting for the mosque.
7. Know the location of your accommodation by looking at the instructions that are available to avoid misplaced / lost.
8. Receive the rooms division as it is, because this part janaah test of patience for Hajj.
9. We recommend that if the mosque or go anywhere in the group 3-4 people.
10. Maintain health and avoid the heat, if you can wear sunglasses.
11. After one day in Madinah, pilgrims can visit the tomb of Rosululloh SAW, Hadrat Abu Bakr RA, Hadrat Umar, Raudhah (the Prophet's Mosque) and the Baqi cemetery '. Pilgrimage in the waveguide by Muzawir of Majmu'ah / Muassasah
12. One day brought the pilgrims make a beeline for Quba Mosque ', Jabal Uhud, Qiblatain Mosque and Seven Mosque / Trench. Vehicles provided by Majmu'ah / Muassasah free. Ask the time to karu
13. Remember and recognize the group and that you are riding the bus

A. Once in Medina seven days should be ready - ready Pilgrimage to Mecca packed goods - goods and prepare Ihrom fabric that will be used as well as memorizing the ban - ban Ihrom.
2. Went to Mecca in accordance with the date and time according to each group - each.
3. If there were reported to the officer a sick friend.
4. The day before the goods - goods and handbags are made, except the clothes Ihrom.
5. Before leaving the city of Medina perform pilgrimage Farewell to the tomb Rasululloh SAW.
6. Ihrom sunna bath and wear Ihrom at the inn.
7. Take the bus in accordance with a predetermined group, the bus will stop at Bir Ali took Miqot and intentions as well as perform the Sunnah prayer Ihrom. If you take Ifrad let Haji Haji Ihrom intention, if Haji Tamattu 'intentions Ihrom Forum.
8. When I get off at Bir Ali watch carefully our bus parking lot and do not go down alone.
9. At Bir Ali Mosque ablution together, pray together not separated by a friend.
10. I wave to the pilgrims who have completed the pilgrimage held a preparatory leave for Jeddah. Tidy up the goods to take home.


Placement in Makkah
I performed for the placement of the wave after wave of pilgrimage in Medina and II before the pilgrimage in Medina.
A. Do not get off the bus before the announcement and received a hotel.
2. Listen to the explanation of the officers of the division of the room.
3. Goods - or goods will be lowered from the bus by porters and taken to the inn (watch suitcase each)
4. Small bag carried by the pilgrims, goods or large bags will be hosted by Hotel worker / Maktab to their rooms - each.
5. A break in the room and while mengunggu announcement to implement Thowaf at the Grand Mosque, clothes worn and the ban remains Ihrom Ihrom keep in mind - to remember. Accept the room with the patient resignation pasa God.
6. Before leaving for the Grand Mosque Jamaat should berwudlu first.
7. Gathered in front of the inn or hotel to co - go to - the Grand Mosque.
8. If you perform Hajj Ifrod, then Thowafnya Qudum (welcome) and may perform Hajj without Tahalul sa'i.
9. If the conduct of Hajj Tamattu ', then carry out the pillars of Umrah, Thowaf, sa'i and Tahalul (shaving / hair clippers).
10. If at the time the congregation sa'i thowaf or glassware, we try not to break with our small group. Pact agreed upon where we met (eg door well of Zamzam) when Thowaf if we are forced to split with the group. Similarly, agreement in which the gathering after sa'i for hair clippers and go home together at the lodge.
11. Shaving should not carelessly borrowed a pair of scissors (bring your own).
12. Bags can be taken to the mosque slippers is clean origin.
13. Before wukuf, should be the days before the pilgrimage to Mina and Arafat to look around and learn to practice the way - how to recognize the terrain meant throwing Jumraoh wukuf.

Implementation in Hajj
Arafat On 8 Dzulhijjah
A. Before leaving for Arafat should prepare food, drinks, fruit taste but not much - a lot.
2. Bring the goods in accordance with the requirements: Sajadah Tasbih, Book Ruling and necessary medicine, soap toothbrushes, folding mats, salt, sauce pecel, small knife, flashlight batteries.
3. On 8 Dzulhijjjah Arafat left for the evening by dressing Ihrom.
4. Inside the tents of pilgrims are advised to read the Dhikr bertalbiyah, bertakbir, hymn, read the Quran and read the sentence Thoyibah etc., especially beg forgiveness repent to Allah, do not forget you still wear cloth Ihrom, watch yourself, Mrs. - mother do not open the shirt while the fan - because the fan body means open fabric Ihrom swelter.
5. Food and drinks are provided the Maktab (during his stay in Arafat and Mina) without having to pay again.
6. Listening to the sermon before the time wukuf Arafat.
7. Wukuf time stems from sun up to sundown slipping Ruling granted a lot at that time.
8. Should remain in the camp and away from the shock / heat.
9. Do not walk - the road outside the camp and should not go to Jabal Rahmah.
10. Do not violate the prohibition Ihrom.
11. Use water economically.
12. In the afternoon or after sunset listening to the explanation to go to Muzdalifah and Mina, and the goods - goods immediately trimmed. (Departure usually after Isha Prayer '9 Dhu al-Hijjah).
13. Pilgrims are requested to be patient, because the bus stalled and the bus carrying two to three rit.
14. Bus ride to the quiet, assembled according to each group - each. Do not ride the bus the other party for the troublesome head of the team that was losing members.
15. Number of bus half of the bus Mecca Medina. Buses to Mina to Arafat and provided only a little to avoid the congestion is very severe.
16. Drink on the bus.

In Muzdalifah
A. When arrived at Muzdalifah, the driver is reminded to stop and wait until 24.00 local time, after midnight
2. Off the bus (not far - away from the bus) to pick up 70 pieces of gravel (sunahnya only 7 pieces) with a carrying pouch and a flashlight. For men soon find a place to urinate.
3. Back to the bus and make sure it enough before leaving for Mina.
4. Mabit in Muzdalifah even for a moment, after the middle malam10 Dzulhijjah enough.
5. During the pilgrims on their way to Mina and talbiyah bertakbir continuously.

10 Dhu al-Hijjah in Mina
A. After reaching the entrance to the tent of Mina each - masng. Immediately to the bathroom if necessary.
2. Food and drinks were shared by officers.
3. Listened to throw jumroh Aqobah.
4. Throwing away jumroh with each group - each dibatu by officers (still berkain Ihrom)
5. Converge to the same spot after throwing (where appointments togethers)
6. Shave or plumb after throwing jumroh Aqobah (Tahalul Initial)
7. Back to camp and rest respectively (Ihrom fabric can be removed)
8. Perfecting burst into three - three Jumroh on 11, 12, 13 Dhu al-Hijjah, disampaing it must spend the night in Mina.
9. Get ready - ready to return to Makkah on 13 Dzullhijjah if Nafartsani, dated 12 Dhu al-Hijjah when the initial Nafar.

Return to Mecca
Following from Mina to the lodgement
A. Complete Thowaf Ifadhah and sa'i.
2. Enhance pillar of Hajj, and sa'i Thowaf before leaving for Jeddah, for wave I and wave II to the Madina for.
3. TPIHI wondering what your worship has been perfect.


It - it is banned Hajj or Umrah Ihrom perfect time, and penalties for noncompliance.
A. Trim all the stuff - your stuff to take home.
2. Make sure all the pillars of Umrah Hajian has worked perfectly.
3. Do howaf Wada 'with each group - each before going to Jeddah.
4. For wave II preparation pilgrims left for Medina.
Violations and penalties
A. Melingkat seamless wear.
- Fines to slaughter a lamb
2. Close to a man's head, covering her face for women.
- Fines seekar goats, other than Imam Shafi'i and Imam Ahmad that if forgotten, had not paid the fine.
3. Repeal of hair hair loss by any means.
- The fine goat hair plucked if more than 12 pieces. If the fine is less than that amount fidyah one mud of rice.
4. Cutting the nails
- Penalties for a mud Datu nail, two nails two mud, more than double the fine polish one slaughter goats.
5. Wearing perfume - perfume Absolute
- Slaughtering of goats.
6. Disturbing the animals in any way.
- Slaughtering of animals that is equivalent or substituted food for the animals, given to the person entitled to receive one of six ounces, or fasting one day for the poor.
7. Haram land plants cut
- Slaughtering of animals Qur'ban according kecinya cut trees.
8. Intercourse with the wife.
- Damaged Hajj. According to Imam Shafi'i undamaged Hajj if forgotten or forced.



Transit in Madinatul Hujjaj opportunity for Wave I
For pilgrims who would return to Indonesia will disinggahkan to Madinatul Hijjaj Jeddah approximately 24 hours. When it can be used to ziaran to the red sea and the tomb of Eve bought by - the jewelery market in Balad or supermarket to buy VCD corners, the original French perfume or jewelry, cars charter for six people each - each 15 real.
Madinatul Hujjah (Jeddah)
A. From Makkah to Jeddah (Madinatul Hujjaj) for wave I and wave II of the Medina to the ground water.
2. In Jeddah Hajj break in transit Madinatul Hujjaj to obtain a schedule of departure to the King Abdul Aziz airport.
3. Find details on transport luggage to the airport.
4. Rekreatasi to Balad (shopping center), the red sea coast (after to know when the airport of departure).
5. Ticketing process and receive a passport sheet.
- The team will process your return to Saudi Arabia Airlines officials Hujjaj (Ticketing process of boarding pass and manifest 22 hours before)
6. The process of weighing the goods, for goods that more can be sent via cargo, Al Munif, Amir cargo (in collaboration with the Government of Indonesia)
7. While in Medina Hujjaj get a free meal plan for the cards do not lose it.

At the airport when the Return
A. Phone to a family in Indonesia, what time is expected to arrive in Indonesia (if munkin)
2. Sitting patiently waiting through the door of acceptance or Departure Gate.
3. Big bag small bag mesuk tenteng luggage on the plane, if there are other provisions immediately ask the officer karu / Karom.
4. Incoming aircraft do not have to scramble.
In plane
A. Setting up the passport to be submitted to the next Kloter officers will be on a torn sheet of K.
2. Safar prayer or another prayer while resting the body, because later in the country is busy with guests.
3. Pramugrari distributed free food.

Juanda Airport Surabaya
A. After the plane landed and parked at Afron Juanda Surabaya, so do not rush Jamaat - hurried off the plane, still in their seats while waiting for the examination of 2petugas immigration.
2. Further down the order of goods - goods not left on the plane, carrying goods to the bus pickup tentengan, pilgrims ready to leave for Surabaya Hajj Sukolilo (takes time + 45 minutes)
In Surabaya Hajj debarkation.
A. After the Pilgrim, down from the bus and into the building reception I / II, then occupying a seat that has been provided with the order.
2. Made in the bathroom to wash my face or prayer, change clothes, etc..
3. While waiting for the goods - luggage of pilgrims who descended from the plane and brought the container has arrived, pilgrims collect passports and health books to the officers who were at the front desk.
4. Worshipers are called one by one sequence in accordance Manifesto came forward to receive the passport and health books, then worshipers entered into the warehouse to find stuff - luggage.
5. Meticulous care - careful not to be confused with other pilgrims luggage.
6. After getting all the luggage, then checked the Customs officer at the warehouse.
7. To mengankut luggage from the warehouse to pick up where pilgrims can ask for assistance to officials with the following conditions:

Special Jamaat NTB, freight is at the coordinate regional officers.
In addition NTB luggage taken directly to the car pick-up by the seller of services of Hajj.
8. Heart - the heart with the crowd outside the existing pickup, it is possible there are criminals who want money - wallets and stuff - your stuff by posing as your pickup.
9. Ride the same bus with each group - each towards the pavilion Madison County, where pick-up by local government and Relatives.
The process thus this journey of Hajj and Umrah. Hopefully Mabrur .... Amin.

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