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Hukum-hukum Zakat Sunnah Hajj and Umrah

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Sunnah Hajj and Umrah in General:

Haji implement Ifrad
Multiply the reading Talbiyah
Thawaf Qudum (for those who carry out the Hajj Ifrad)
Sunnah prayers Thawaf
Mandi: how many kinds, including: Ihram bath, shower entry forbidden land (Mecca and Medina), wukuf bath and shower Mabit at Muzdalifah.
Ihram dress with a white cloth
Drinking Zamzam water

II Sunnah Hajj and Umrah In Detail:
a. Ihram is Sunnah case when

Purification (bath and wudlu)
Wearing perfume - perfume
Ihram sunnah prayer and supplication
Facing the Qiblah when it will start Ihram
Intention utter by the tongue and pray later
Reproduce readings Talbiyah and Shalawat
Sunnah Hajj and Umrah
b. Case the Sunnah when Thawaf

Tawaf on foot
Starting with a position facing the Qiblah Thawaf
Black Stone rubbing, or if not possible simply by waving the hand gesture and dikecup
Read the prayer - prayer ma'tsur
Run - a small run in the first three rounds
Pillars wiped Yamani / isyarah without dikecup
Prayed in Multazam
Sunnah prayer behind Maqam Ibrahim Thawaf
Mutlaq sunnah prayer in Hijir Ismail
Drinking Zamzam water
Muwalah (nuli - nuli)
c. Case the Sunnah when sa'i

Holy of hadats
Enter from the Safa (Babus Safa)
Climbed up the hills Safa and Marwa (for the congregation male - male)
Facing the Ka'bah every journey
Jogged between the two Pillars of the Green
Pray with the prayer - prayer ma'tsur
Muwalah (nuli - nuli)
d. Case the Sunnah when Wuquf

Unclean and the holy of hadats (bath and wudlu)
Listen to the Khutbah
Facing the Qiblah (Ka'bah)
Wuquf execute until after sunset
Reproduce practice - practice sunnah, like Dhikr, read Al - Quran, read Shalawat, pray, repent, and other - other.
Humility 'heart.
Keeping spoken to do not say things - things that are useless let alone say dirty.

e. Case the Sunnah when Mabit in Muzdalifah

Ta'khir plural prayer (Maghrib and Isha ')
Pick up pebbles to throw Jumrah.
Read Takbir and Talbiyah.
Masy'aril pray at Haram.

f. Case the Sunnah while throwing Jumrah

Throw Jumrah Aqobah after sunrise on 10 Dhul Hijjah.
Jumrah throws on 11 Dhul Hijjah after Zawal (after the sun to the west).
For men - men who threw Jumrah sunnah right hand raised to his armpits look.
Jumrah throwing stones used medium-sized (Hashal Qodfi).
On the 10th of Dhul Hijjah doing things - the following:
Throwing Jumrah Aqobah.
Slaughtering qurban and dam
Hair cut (Tahallul Early).
Do Thawaf Ifadloh.
Will throw a shower every Jumrah.
Read Takbir when will throw Jumrah.
Pray every complete 7 throws at Ula and wustho Jumrah.

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