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Differences Hajj and Umrah Worship

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Hajj and Umrah difference of Segi Time Implementation

Hajj and Umrah is a worship which, according to a layman's eyes glazing Indonesia, the same; "go to Mecca". But, in truth they have important differences. Pilgrimage, often referred to as the great pilgrimage, is only valid if when implemented on the pilgrimage season / month of pilgrimage (see Definition HAJI / DEFINITION OF HAJJ). While the umrah, whenever you want to go to worship and umrah then it could be done legally. That is, Worship umrah can be accomplished at any time.

Hajj and Umrah difference of Segi Implementation Procedures (Manasik)

In practice, people who run the sequences pilgrimage meant he had to practice umrah. Because Umrah 'only' made ​​up: intention, tawaf and sa'i, hair cut / tahallul (read: UNDERSTANDING Umrah | Definition Umrah). While the hajj, umrah covers all procedures coupled with (and this is the fundamental difference) wuquf at 'Arafah, Muzdalifah and stay in Mina and throw jumroh.

Hajj and Umrah difference of Legal

Status "MUST" have become the law of the pilgrimage. Among scholars there is no difference and disagreement in terms of menuaikan obligatory pilgrimage for people who are capable of. Meanwhile, the umrah is obligatory (for those who can do it), the scholars differed: some say mandatory, and some others said it was not mandatory.

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