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TERMS Worship Hajj and Umrah

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Hajj is one: visit to the House (Ka'bah) and do some practice include: wukuf, Tawaf, sa'i and other practices at a particular time, in order to meet Allah SWT answering. and expect him Ridla.2. Umrah is: things to do - the House, and perform Tawaf, sa'i and expect Ridho bertahallul by God.3. He is the pillars of Hajj: a series of deeds to be done in the Hajj and can not be replaced by another, although the dam (fines). If ditingalkan then Hajj is not valid.4. Obligatory Hajj: is a series of deeds to be done in the Hajj, Hajj valid if it is not done, but must pay dam (fines).5. Miqat Zamani is: Haji deadline. According to Jumhur (most of) Ulama ', Miqat Zamani began on 01 Shawwal until dawn dated 10 Dhul Hijah6. Miqat Makani is: The place to start working on the pilgrimage intentions / Forum.7. Ihram is: the intention of starting work on the Hajj / Umrah8. Tawaf is: as much as seven times around the Kaaba (Ka'bah always be on the left) starts and ends at a line parallel to the Black Stone9. Sa'i is: running from hill to hill Safa Marwah, and vice versa as many as seven times starting from the hills Safa and ends at Marwah hills. The journey from the hills Safa to Marwah hills or vice versa respectively - each counted one time.10. Wukuf are: the existence of a person in the field Arafat for a minute in time between the solar slip on 9 Dhul Hijjah (Day of Arafah) till the day dawn Nahar (the 10th of Dhul Hijjah)11. Mabit is: Overnight / rest.Mabit divided into two:a. Mabit at Muzdalifah is: spend the night at Muzdalifah after wukuf in Arafat. Terms Mabit at Muzdalifah is considered valid despite the presence of the congregation shortly after midnight.b. Mabit in Mina is: spend the night in Mina on the day - the day Tasyriq (11,12,13 date of Dhul Hijjah). Terms Mabit in Mina where pilgrims are considered valid if more than half through the night.12. Jumrah throws is: throw a pebble on the marma (hole Ula, Wustha and Aqabah) and gravel should go into the hole on the day Marma Nahar and day - the day Tasyrik.13. Tahallul are: the state of a person who is permitted (allowed) which previously prohibited acts during berihram.Tahallul there are two kinds:a. Tahallul beginning is: the state of someone who has done two of the three acts, such as throwing Jumrah Aqobah and shaving or throwing Jumrah Aqabah and Thawaf Ifadlah and sa'i and shave. After the initial Tahallul ordinary person can change clothes and wear perfume - perfume, and may do all that is prohibited during Ihram except intercourse.b. Tahallul Thani is: the state of someone who has done all three actions: throwing Jumrah Aqadah, shave and Thawaf Ifadlah and sa'i. For those who have done sa'i after Thawaf Qudum not need to do after Thawaf Ifadah sa'i. Tahallul Thani after a new one should have intercourse with his wife.14. Dam according to language meaning blood, while according to the term are: blood flow (slaughter cattle that have been qualified to sacrifice the goat, camel or a cow on the ground in order to comply with the provisions Haram Hajj rituals)15. Nafar the language of the group means. While it is known is this: the departure of pilgrims leave Mina on the day - the day Tasyrik.Nafar divided into two parts:a. Early departure Nafar are pilgrims leave Mina early, no later than sunset on the 12th of Dhul Hijjah and after throwing Jumrah Ula, Wustha and Aqobah.b. Nafar Thani is the departure of pilgrims leave Mina on the 13th of Dhul Hijjah after throwing 3 Jumrah it.16. Tarwiyah the day: the day the 8th of Dhul Hijjah. Named day Tarwiyah (debriefing) for the Period Rosulullah pilgrims start filling the water supplies in Mina to travel to Arafat.17. Arafat day is: today the 9th of Dhul Hijjah. Arafat called yesterday for all pilgrims must be on the field for wukuf Arafat.18. Day of Nahr namely: the day the 10th of Zul Hijjah. Named day of Nahr (slaughtering) because on that day implementation pemyembelihan dam and Qurban.19. Tasyrik day ie the day on 11,12,13 Dzull Hijjah. On the day - the day pilgrims are in Mina to throw Jumrah and Mabit.20. Prayer Qashar and Jama 'a. Qashar prayer. Qashar means to shorten the prayers that are 4 to 2 rekaat rekaat (Dhuhr, Asr and Isha) of this provision is only allowed for specific circumstances.b. Prayer Jama '. Jama 'means to collect Prayer, which is compulsory collected 2 Prayer is done in the same time. Prayer can dijama 'the Maghrib to Isha prayers, Dhuhr with Ashar.Prayer Jama 'Qoshor are two obligatory prayers worked together with a shortened reka'at - reka'atnya into two reka'at (Dhuhr, Asr and Isha) Prayers and Jama' Qoshor can only be Taqdim or Ta'khir.21. Prayer remains is this: Prayer is done for the bodies of Muslims. Prayer is one of the bodies fardlu kifayah are almost always carried out after each prayer in congregation, both in the Prophet's Mosque or Haram MosqueThe body of the prayer consists of four Takbir, namely:a. Takbiratul Ikhrom with the intention of the heart menshalatkan body. Then recite the Takbir finish - Fatihahb. Second TakbirAfter the reading sholawat the Prophet Muhammad.c. The third TakbirThen read the prayer for the person who dishalati and the Muslims who have died.d. Fourth TakbirAfter the fourth Takbir greetings may direct, may also read a short prayer.Dead end with a prayer read greetings. To perfect its legal Sunnah regards to the end, namely: Assalamu alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokaatuh.22. Prayers Li Hurmatil WaqtiWhen we will do Prayer Fardlu but we did not find a tool purification (water / dust), then we do pray Li Hurmati Waqti, such as we are on airplanes.This means that if you do the prayer without performing ablution (as there is no purification equipment) then after we get to a destination and get water or dust, then we must pray I'adah, namely that we do repeat the prayer earlier.23. Intiqolul schools / move schoolsThis means that we follow other schools. For example we adhere to the Shafi'i madhhab, then we move to the Maliki madhhab. Subject to move these schools there are Terms - Condition, such shall one qodliyah (problem), for example in terms wudlu, if we move to the Maliki madhhab it is all related to wudlu must follow the Maliki madhhab, that is about the Terms, harmony and a cancel wudlu

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